Laser Any Design


Engrave Any Item


Simple To Use

Small Size. Powerful Laser

Leave the large pricey Engraver at home and bring your Wainlux with you where you go. It’s the perfect tiny art studio that you can bring to whatever workshop or desk you’re on that day.


Engrave Your Design On Almost Any Object


Wainlux is simple to set up, easy-to-use and extremely stable. Its powerful laser is capable of engraving your designs clearly and quickly on almost any surface, from wood to rubber. Unleash your creativity with the world’s most compact, powerful and easy-to-use engraver.

Simple Connect. Smart Control.

Just connect your computer or smartphone to the engraver either through a cable or through Wi-Fi, and then select your design in the App and it’ll start the process of engraving. The Wainlux is compatible with.


Let Your Creativity Shine







Everything You Could Ever Want in One Portable Engraver.

Built For Safety

Wainlux uses protective lenses already built-in, meaning you don’t have to wear safety glasses or attach independent shields. We wanted to create something you can set up quickly without giving up on safety.

Engrave Any Size

Thanks to its innovative rail and baseless design, the Wainlux can engrave objects of any size so long as they are kept horizontally stable under the laser.

8H Working Time

Thanks to the advanced use of heat sinks, we were able to create an engraver that can work for up to 8 hours continuously without overheating.

Enhanced Productivity

By including a One-Click Button for offline engraving, you can set your Wainlux to engrave without a constant connection.

Maximum Customization

Get full control of your engraver with Directional Control (adjustable laser head) and Manual Focus (manual control of focal length; the accuracy of up to 0.01mm) to get a deeper or better engraving.

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About Wainlux 

 Xinjia Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D, sales and production of micro laser equipment as one company, we have been helping Amazon sellers and offline channels for ODM and OEM. We hope to launch the Wainlux brand and innovative products through the powerful platform of Kickstarter. We have been recognized by the European and American markets since we developed the K3 / K4 series. Now with the powerful Wainlux K6 , hope that many more users in need are satisfied.